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Memories...under construction.

Special, Precious, Treasured, Loved, Remembered Always and Forever and Ever...

Father's Day, 06-18-2006

Pecan Tree to Honor Dad Don, 02-03-1932 - 06-26-2006

Cancer Affirmation, 2002

Statue, 2002

The Cancer Walk, 2002

Last Letter from Mama to Wanda, 07-15-1983

Mama, 07-03-1925 - 09-04-1983

Page 1 of Last Letter from Elza to Benek, 06-06-1983

Page 2 of Last Letter fro Elza to Benek, 06-08-1983

Visiting Herman and Sally's Grave, July 4th

Visiting Harman and Sally, July 4th

Wanda and Berry, visiting his Mom's (my Aunt's) grave in Poland